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End-Users & application fields

ADMIR systems are built for any pathologists, physicians, biologists or biochemists who are looking for a fast, reliable analysis solution that allows them to refocus on cases that deserve an expertise.

With our system, we offer:

  • Proven, robust analysis – because our technology is based on infrared spectrometry
  • Fast analysis – the image is achieved in less than 1 min
  • Specific analysis – because our technology uses a multi-spectral approach
  • Simple analysis – because no staining, no reagents and no antigenic markers

ADMIR addresses the applications fields related to :

H&E – Standard method


Anatomic pathology for the diagnosis, the prognosis and the therapeutics.

ADMIR Rapid Microbiological Testing​

Rapid Microbiological Testing

  • diagnosis of infectious diseases
  • water analysis
  • agri-food testing
  • pharmacology and biotechnology testing
  • cosmetology testing
microplastics aanalysis


  • Beverage
  • Water
  • Emerging regulation strong impact


Our products

ADMIR systems gathers two main technological breakthroughs:

  • Photonic components and original optical setup: High brilliance infrared lasers (Quantum Cascade lasers), dedicated bolometer matrix and lens-less setup
  • Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning): Specific algorithms using both morphological features and biochemical features to perform the classification

The subtle combination of patented hardware and software developments results in the unique ADMIR solution.


Imaging & Machine Learning

Image acquisitions

Image acquisitions

Image time (1cm²) < 1 min

image processing

Multispectral images

Biochemical features

biochemical features

Biochemical features

morphologic features

Deep learning classification

machine learning


ADMIR Instrument

ADMIR INSTRUMENT USAGE : Active Digital Multispectral InfraRed

Chemical content

  • DNA content
  • Proteins
  • Carboxylic acid
  • Glucose
  • Lipids
Chemical content

Tissue type (IC)

  • Healthy, skin, fat, epithelium
  • Inflammatory cells
  • Cancerous
    – Carcinoma
    – Adenocarcinomas
    – Sarcomas
    – Lymphomas
    – Leukemia
    – Paraneoplastic lesions
  • Invasion front

Histologic classification

  • Level
  • Classification