Simplify, Accelerate, Enhance the Diagnosis

about ADMIR

ADMIR is a deep tech start-up designing developing and manufacturing a mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging system with its machine learning software suite for health applications in a broad sense.

Its customers are analysis laboratories and private or public hospitals and the end-users are doctors and biologists.

These are facing more and more tests with increasing complexity in less and less time. ADMIR helps them to accelerated and enhance the analysis workflow making them 100x faster and more reliable.

The instrument provides infrared spectral fingerprints for each pixel of the sample image, revealing its biochemical content in less than 1 min. It opens a new route toward tissue or cell analysis for cancer diagnosis or further biomedical applications offering an approach without any reagents, stains and biomarkers.

ADMIR technology benefits from several technical breakthroughs developed at CEA-leti during these 6 last years. ADMIR technology is an ultra-fast spectroscopic, large field of view, imaging system. ADMIR has a patent portfolio of 12 key patents and knowhow.