Our scientific publications

Mathieu et al, “Mid infrared multispectral imaging for tumorous tissue detection”

Proceedings Volume 11647, Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XIX; 116471A (2021) 


M Dupoy et al., “Mid-infrared multispectral lensless imaging for wide-field and label-free microbial identification”

Proceedings Volume 11359, Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging; 113590B (2020) 


Joel Le Galudec et al., “Multispectral lensless imaging in the mid-infrared for label-free identification of Staphylococcus species”

Proceedings Volume 11655, Label-free Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (LBIS) 2021; 116551E (2021) 


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